Human Survival

Always remember you need these things to survive as a human, rest you learn, evolve, and build your character. Be compassionate to each other.

Always Believe be Patient and pray.

Important things: Food cloths shelter

Real Wealth: Health eat less move more

Real Asset: Knowledge (You live by your thoughts, you act by your will)

Must Necessities: Air Water fire food

Needs: Being Faithful

Rights: Education Health and welfare

Success: Sharing

Intoxicants: Addiction is like distraction, so treat it that way, in humane way. Everyone in this world trying to distract themselves with anything possible, so technology addiction, intoxicants, gambling, eating, and life’s we let people die on the streets, without any care, everyone knows these people were forced in to it, but with their consents. 770 deaths in our Uk, I was disheartened, and have some shame and resign, last year Pakistan climate change took 1100 life’s, Indonesian earth quakes, and American hurricanes and storms. Japan’s destructions, Amazon death of nature, what are we doing, Kashmir, and Palestine issues, Rohingiyas, refugees, our waste management killing life’s around the planet. We are destabilising many cycles of life. It will impact our growth. I am very optimistic on other hand, as I believe in future generations. They are more kind then us. Every nation is unstable with their approach to this new world. We have to change our behaviour as individual’s.

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The Servant of All-Giver, follower of Muhammad peace be upon him, in the service of humanity, trying to write my thoughts, so readers can benefit of my thoughts, and life experiences.

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