Human Survival

Always remember you need these things to survive as human, rest you learn, evolve, and build your character. Be compassionate to each other.

Always Believe be Patient and pray.

Important things: Food cloths shelter and internet

Real Wealth: Health eat less move more

Real Asset: Knowledge (You live by your thoughts, you act by your character)

Must Necessities: Air Water and waste management.

Needs: Leadership being Human being Faithful

Rights: Education Health and welfare

Success: Believe hardship and knowledge

Addiction is distraction, so treat it that way, in humane way. Everyone in this world trying to distract themselves with anything possible, so technology addiction, intoxicants, gambling, eating, how many addictions we will suppress, and life’s we let people die on the streets, without any care, everyone knows these people were forced in to it, but with their consents. 770 deaths in our Uk, I was disheartened, and have some shame and resign, last year Pakistan climate change took 1100 life’s, Indonesian earth quakes, and American hurricanes and storms. Japan’s destructions, Amazon death of nature, what are we doing, Kashmir, and Palestine issues, Rohingiyas, refugees, our waste management killing life’s around the planet. We are destabilising many cycles of life. It will impact our growth. I am very optimistic on other hand, as I believe in future generations. They are more kind then us. We are here to do good, and pass the massage. Wake up before it gets late for us.

Baba Bullay shah Sufi

A poet and a Sufi from Pakistan region Uch Sharif born in 1860, a great Sufi elder, Sufism way of writing is very beautiful, enchanting, and very connecting to your creator, he is one of personalities I truly admire for his struggle for identity, struggle for connection, may Allah truly bless him with peace for eternity, and i wrote it while listening to his verses in a song.

We all go through similar phases of life, so here it is I hope you guys will like it.

Who Am I Why Am I

I want to know who am I, I want to know why am I

Am I priest or the Sinner, I want to know who am I

Am I atom or the universe, I want to know who am I

Am I History or the philosophy, I want to know who am I

Am I prophet or the Iblees, I want to know who am I

Am I war, or the peace, I want to know who am I

I want to know who am I, I want to know why am I

Am I love or the hate, I want to know who am I

Am I rise or the fall, I want to know who am I

Am I fear or the focus, I want to know who am I

Am I absorbed or the shared, I want to know who am I

This world or the bygones, I want to know who am I

Am I the fire, or the water, I want to know who am I

I want to know who am I, I want to know why I am I

Nature is beautiful, universe is most amazing

Let us find our selves, and share the wisdom

Let’s rise above the sky like the falcons

Let’s dive in the sea like the rivers

I love artists, as their focus and feelings craved it

I love nature, as she is our mother and craved us

I am nothing but human, it’s all story, but we will be dust one day

Let’s keep moving forward, be hopeful, and patience is the only way

I am the wind of the East, you are fire from the west

Let’s water everything, because that’s the only way

I want to know who am I, I want to why am I

Live for others, live for your self, but who am I

Should I follow physical existence, or my mystic way

I want to know who am I, i want t to know why am I

Turn the tables around, who am I

World full of mysteries, who am I

It is a game or just a story, who am I

Is it all about survival or death, who am I

Is it Storms or the floods, who am I

Man for woman or woman for man, who am I

Ask your self who you are, then tell me who am I

We have single goal, same future, who am I

Tell me what’s this fighting for, who am I

I am your reflection understand this

No more delusion, tell me who am I

From Adam to Satan, who am I

Tell me who am I, Tell me who am I

I want to know, who am I

I want to know why am I

Wahabnama ………


Please Welcome, let’s learn from each other, share, and i believe! that ethics are very important for a beautiful conversation, so be part of our beautiful community, share word of wisdom, ideas, culture, lifestyle, and let’s be kind to each other, and please support our purpose Education, Peace, and future generation.

No to Wars!

No to sanctions!

Climate Change crisis!

Refugees rights!

Animals rights!

Nature rights!

Human Rights!

Free Education and equal rights for all

One system for all

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton