Pakistan politics

We want Rana Sana ulahs video confess, I don’t like him, he got blood on his hands, I want institutions to bring the truth forward, rather forced statement. I believe government is hiding something from the nation.

I warn the government, sort your manners out, because we will change everything from civil service to armed forces, everyone work in the service of their nation. We respect our armed forces, we love them for their sacrifices, but no one is above the law, nor any citizen of this country. We want new election commission, which is free from any external force, an independent body, working in its boundaries making sure elections are held free and fair. I am writing my set of ideas about every department, and how they should serve.

I remind Imran Khan we didn’t follow you just because you are a star, but your struggle for just society. So be strong and act like a leader, take a stance and stand on it, rather using misinformation as tool, that all establishments done. If we want success, change the system, with more effective way. Our civil service need extra training, and they should be well paid, due to their service.

We need clear reforms in judiciary, civil service, and our armed forces. No one is superior but who fear Allah. I am still waiting on the promises, we want action, and we want it now. We want progress and prosperity

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The Servant of All-Giver, follower of Muhammad peace be upon him, in the service of humanity, trying to write my thoughts, so readers can benefit of my thoughts, and life experiences.

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